This generation doesn't need another entertaining weekend or a model of the past.
They need a fresh and genuine encounter with the God that loves them.
They need to create an Uproar, to turn the world upside down!

JUNE 20-22, 2024


Chris Estrada
Derek Mack
Kels Johnson
Why come to the Uproar?
This is 100% free ~ People shouldn't pay to hear the Gospel
This is unapologetically pentecostal. You will meet with God.
7 Main Sessions.
Let's turn this region around and help students get their ROAR back for Jesus.

Meet the team.

Cody Spencer

Conference Leader
For over a decade, Cody has spear-headed the Uproar movement in Horseheads NY. With passion and calling to see the next generation flourish in God's power, Cody has brought the Uproar to Maine for the first time.

Paul and Heather Rogers

Site Host
Paul, along with his wife Heather, served as the Youth Pastor at Charleston Church from 2005-2018.  Currently they serve as worship and creative leaders.

Mark and Stacey Shaw

Charleston Church Youth Pastors
Mark and Stacy Shaw serve as the cStudents (High School) Pastors. They have a strong desire to see the next generation on fire for the things of God.

Uproar Worship

Worship Team
Passionate and high-energy worship that will create an atmosphere of expectation during our UPROAR Conference.