Our Mission

We know that too many Mainers feel hopeless and defeated. Charleston Church helps people find the win through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
We help people find hope, get direction and make a difference.

Our Values

Maine is our heart:  Maine is our highest priority for ministry.
Every Generation Matters: We will make sure every generation believes they have a purpose.
Excellence is how we operate: We will do the very best we can with the resources we have.
The Bible is our authority: The Bible is our first advisor and final authority.
Jesus is our focus: We, as a church, keep our eyes fixed on the Author and Finisher of our faith.
The Holy Spirit is our leader: We expect extraordinary favor and empowerment by the direction of the Holy Spirit.
Every person matters: We believe every person needs to connect to Jesus Christ.
Every Sunday matters: We commit to consistently gathering together as the church family.


Our Committment

Make People Feel Safe: Safety is a high priority at Charleston Church. Our desire is to introduce
Jesus to you and your family in a personal, powerful and safe way.

Love People: People are central to the heart of God and the heart of Charleston Church.
We love and honor all generations and all people that come.

Make it Better: We are always striving to present God’s love to people, the best way we can.

Own it: We not not only want this is to be a great church, we want it to be your church.